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Magdalena Kelaridis, BA in Psychology, “The importance of knowing your prenatal & birth history before becoming a parent”

I have a BA in Psychology, a Diploma in Psychological coaching, in training as a prenatal bonding expert. I have 3 kids (my daughter was supposed to be a twin, my twins were supposed to be triplets) My twin sister passed away in the womb. My birth and the birth of my twins was very traumatic and this was the reason I started to look into prenatal & birth psychology.

Barbara Hotelling, BSN, MSN, FACCE, Dona ADV BDT, IBCLC, WHNP, “APPPAH’s Contribution to My Knowing”

As a lifelong learner, I have acquired information to help families understand how to relate to each other. I started with Lamaze Childbirth education, and then became a DONA birth doula. When I arrived at APPPAH, I learned the missing links to fetal and childhood abuse and neglect. I have a deeper understanding of my childhood and I present this information to student nurses at Duke and to groups wanting to understand as well.

Elise Bowerman, E-RYT500, RPYT “Breaking the Generational Cycle”

Elise Bowerman is a leading prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher trainer. For over 15 years she has been actively removing the taboo for women to talk about their pregnancy and postpartum feelings. With two children and an entrepreneur husband at her side, Elise founded the first Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training school in Michigan. Dance instructor turned yoga teacher, turned all-out advocate for women, Elise has helped thousands feel more confident in themselves and motherhood. A believer in prioritizing care for our closest circle, Elise volunteers and donates to Birth Detroit – building the first free-standing birth center in the city. Through her online videos and local classes, she encourages everyone to face the uncomfortable moments in order to live the most authentic life.

William Emerson, PhD “The Gifts Birth Psychology Gave Me”