The BondingAttachment process began and evolved out of the work on Attachment Theory developed by John Bowlby, MD, after WWII, and the Bonding Theory espoused by Marshall Klaus, MD, John Kennell, MD, and Phyllis Klaus, LCSW, during the 1970’s, and has been commonly called “Attachment and Bonding Process”.  

Research in the fields of neurobiology & brain development, physics, genetics, DNA / E-DNA  provide us with an in-depth look at these components & factors that create the BondingAttachment process,  explaining how they interact with one another and impact the in-uterine communication dynamics between prenate & mother on a physiological, energetic, and psychological level.  These dynamics are the cornerstone and underpin the BondingAttachment process that is integral and critical to lifelong personality & temperament development, which is essential for creating healthy relationships and caring connections.   It is out of the prenatal Maternal-Child relationship that the origin of the  ‘self’  is developed & sculpted, and the lifelong reciprocal relationships between individuals and society are created and  patterned.   

In today’s world turned upside down by Covid-19, these dynamics play a more vital role in the  BondingAttachment process.

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