Prenatal Bonding is a two-way connection between mother and the baby before conception. Cells are forming 1.8 million connections each second and it is through these connections that the brain of the baby gets hardwired. The growing brain is shaped by whatever experiences and environment the brain is exposed to while developing in the uterus. While practicing Prenatal Bonding, the mother experiences a connection; causing her to release feel-good hormones that reduce anxiety or fear. Mother-baby bonding empowers the mother’s natural capabilities, resulting in greater confidence and safety during childbirth, reduction of preterm birth and Birth trauma . Mother and baby, together as a team, experience less pain and anxiety . Obstetrical interventions go down significantly, resulting in fewer complications, better normal delivery and breastfeeding rates. In my research and practice I have used this knowledge to create a beautiful pregnancy and birthing experience through the project “Virtue Baby “ Bringing forth life.

Wednesday, March 31st 10:30am Eastern

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