In the past 6 years, approximately 300 mothers and 5 fathers have successfully completed the Pregnancy Dialogues program in Europe. A primary focus is to create a place of safety, trust and support within the group. Discussions explore family, partner, and infant attachment topics tailored to the individual stages of each mother’s pregnancy. The program introduces tools to support mothers in creating mother-baby connections during each session, and participants are given simple, but powerful, interactive activities to be performed by the mothers and their partners between sessions.

Informal follow-up data demonstrate:

  • recovery from past trauma
  • decreased pregnancy and birth-related anxiety
  • reciprocal emotional connection with the unborn child
  • low rates of premature births
  • increased confidence in knowing their babies before and after birth
  • more optimum postpartum period
  • strong mutually supportive relationships between the group participants

APPPAH is excited to announce that we are in the process of creating a Pregnancy Dialogues™️ Facilitator course with Henrik Norholt! Stay tuned for details coming later this year!

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