Join us in opening our Birth Psychology Month Summit~

  • Welcome from APPPAH’s President, Raylene Phillips, MD and APPPAH’s Founder, Thomas Verny, MD
  • Opening Ceremony with Catherine Lightfoot, CPM

First Session: Four Baskets with Catherine Lightfoot, CPM

 The Four Baskets are the primary foundation for our lives- everything experienced during conception, gestation, birth and the first 6 hours after birth- becomes the core foundation for how we experience the rest of life. Bringing awareness to the Four Baskets and the Red Thread (our ancestral connection) opens space for compassion and our authentic being to arise. For pregnant mothers, the Four Baskets is a process to help bring greater self-awareness your primary period in order to connect more deeply with the one you carry beneath your heart. Peace on Earth begins before Birth.

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Miss this live session? The recording of our Opening Ceremony is now available to watch here for free, and will be available throughout the month of March: