The Capstone for Birth Psychology Month Summit and our final live session together!

Closing Ceremony & Reflections from APPPAH’s President, Raylene Phillips, MD

followed by 2 Movies, 3 Children and Deep Personal Work with Stephen Gyllenhaal

I have spent my life making movies in Hollywood. My two grown children, Maggie and Jake, have continued that tradition far beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined when they were conceived. My third child, now 6, inspired a feature documentary, In Utero, partially because we struggled with his conception and used prenatal bonding during the pregnancy. When In Utero was released it led me to a form of self-encounter psychology from Germany that changed my life and inspired me to start an Institute in the United States. Now I am finishing another 45 minute documentary, The Bond, which will gently inform mothers (and fathers) of the profound and critical importance of every pregnancy. I would like to share with you this journey of a filmmaker, father and Executive director of the Identity Development Institute and what I have come to understand about the miracle of our time in the womb.

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Wednesday, March 31st Noon Eastern

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