In meditation, we sit into silence. We come back to our “selves”. The simple practice of awareness takes us beyond the noise of the modern world, back to who we are. At no time in life is quieting the mind more important than during pregnancy and childbirth. The benefits of prenatal meditation can include reduced stress and depression, healthier blood pressure, a sense of empowerment and self-efficacy, healthier cortisol levels for the neonate, lower rates of preterm birth, and more. However, the true advantages far surpass the physical and mental health effects of meditation well-known to the scientific community: the capacity for bonding with the prenate through meditation can create a spiritual connection that lasts a lifetime. The three practices of Calm Birth teach pregnant people and their loved ones to breathe completely, rest deeply, and heal themselves and others, drawing on time tested traditions, applied to pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Robert Newman’s two decades of study with Tibetan Buddhist lamas, combined with foundational input from the likes of Sandra Bardsley, David Chamberlain, and Jeannine Parvati Baker, birthed a meditation method founded in ancient wisdom, simple enough for all people to benefit from and enjoy. Doulas and Calm Birth instructors Adrienne Bergthold, Naima Bond, and Anna Humphreys will discuss the history and practices of Calm Birth and how to enhance the prenatal bonding experience through meditation. Attendees will leave with the ability to introduce these techniques with clients, an understanding of how to become a Calm Birth meditation instructor, and, quite possibly, a deeper connection to their own breath.

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Monday, March 8th Noon Eastern

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