“The Sacred Sojourn of the Unborn” is a presentation about the prenatal period as a spiritual initiation into life and about parents connecting with the unborn through the stillness and power of spirit and the wisdom of soul.  And in its simplest and most basic form, the Sacred Sojourn is like two parents forming a triad with their unborn baby, and meditating as a triad.  The Sacred Sojourn is a relaxing and slow-paced process of surrender to whatever comes, and a coordinated attempt to understand the meaning of the experiences.  Out of this void, wisdom and wonder work their magic.  The process of being (not doing) becomes a revealing, passionate, and intensely interesting journey wherein the mother, father, and unborn honor silence while also being open to communicating with one another via body sensations, postures, felt sense, intuition, and imagery.  It’s all about meeting the unborn as they are, with all of their sensations, gestures, postures, movements, reflections, and imagery.

And although the Sojourn is considered a spiritual journey, it is also a preparation for childbirth, and by inference, for subsequent life transitions like the first day of school, the first sports team or musical performance, and all the other firsts in life.  This relational connection is what stabilizes the nervous system and provides the safety for challenges like childbirth. However, sometimes bonding is all that is sensed or needed, and birth does not appear as an agenda.  The Sojourn is an invitation into mindlessness as a basic source of wisdom and self-regulation, one that lasts for a lifetime. 

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