Dr. Emerson  is a clinical as well as a birth psychologist with fifty years of experience in treating PPN trauma, and in preventing the same with prenatal bonding.   He has been an APPPAH member for 36 years, was a board member for 33 years, and served as APPPAHs President for 7 years.  He spent decades studying and practicing spirituality, was a long-term disciple of Muktananda, and an authorized teacher of Siddha Yoga. He ran workshops and trainings in pre and perinatal psychology for five decades and counting, and had the privilege of teaching or mentoring a number of current leaders in the field, such as Marti Glenn, Myrna Martin, Ray Castellino, Wendy McCarty, Sandra Bardsley, Ludwig Janus, Karlton Terry, Marjorie Rand, Robert Oliver, Franz Rengli, and others. 

One of his special contributions was to develop prenatal and perinatal treatment methods for traumatized infants and children, which revealed unique methods for diagnosing and treating adults. He first published articles on infant and child trauma treatment in the 1989 APPPAH journal, and in the 1987 Aesthema journal (for the International Primal Association).   He brought prenatal and perinatal trauma treatment to thousands of professionals in a variety of disciplines such as psychiatry and psychotherapy, to somatic pediatric, chiropractic, osteopathic practitioners, as well as to feldenkreis, polarity, and cranial-sacral practitioners.  

He is currently writing books. He published Geburtstrauma (Birth Trauma) in Austria and Germany in 2019 (Mattes Verlag Publishing), and in Holland in July 2021 (Uitgeverij-Mens Publishing).  He plans to release an advanced English version of the same book in the US in 2022 (Stonebrook Publishing House).  He is currently finishing a book in English entitled, Interventionism – An Expose on American Childbirth. He lives in Germany and California with his life partner, and is working less and playing more.  Writing and teaching remain his professional goals.