Stephen Gyllenhaal is founder and director of The Identity Development Institute in Los
Angeles, in association with The Institute for Traumawork, Norway and Dr. Franz Ruppert,
Munich University, Germany.

As an award winning Hollywood director Stephen tackled difficult and relevant psychological
themes through his movies, TV shows and documentaries, including Twin Peaks, Rectify,
Dangerous Woman, Losing Isaiah, Paris Trout, Girl Fight, Waterland, Killing In a Small Town,
Leap of Faith, Shattered Mind and In Utero.

He is in post-production on two documentaries, The Bond and Uncharitable as well as writing
two books, A Professional Patient and Liquid Motel. He has also published a book of poetry,
ClapTrap: Notes from Hollywood

Stephen’s powerful contributions through film, literature and now through the Identity
Development Institute are paradigm shifting opportunities to recalibrate our vision and
experience of human being-ness towards a birthright of thriving in a world of traumatizing
structures and events. .

Closing Ceremony & 2 Movies, 3 children and Deep Personal Work with Stephen Gyllenhaal

March 31, 2021
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm Eastern

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