Kelduyn is one of the ‘GrandMothers’ in the field of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health.  A member of APPPAH since 1985, she has presented her work and findings at most of the APPPAH Congresses, as well as serving on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology (JOPPPAH) and on APPPAH’s Ethics Committee.  She also created and developed the Continuing Education Program for APPPAH in 1995, and has returned to coordinate the program again. 

Prior to her retirement, Kelduyn worked nationally and internationally for almost 5 decades in prenatal & perinatal psychology, early infancy & childhood BondingAttachment, and family development, co-dependency / gender scripting, and Loss & grief / death & dying / major life transitions.   40 of these years were spent in private practice as a BodyMind therapist, consultant and educator, specializing in Bonding from the Beginning, Reproductive & BondingAttachment dynamics, trauma, and loss & grief issues, and assisting people with Birthing In, Birthing Within Themselves, and Birthing Out. She continues to provide these services to people, groups and organizations on a limited basis.

During her career Kelduyn also taught neonatal & pediatric medical staff nationally and internationally, as well as in colleges and universities as guest faculty, and presented at various conferences and medical symposiums on these matters.  She has published articles on newborn development in professional journals and newsletters.  She is one of the initial co-authors of the top selling neonatal medical textbook:   HANDBOOK  of  NEONATAL  INTENSIVE  CARE.

The Ties that Bond: The Foundational Origins of BondingAttachment with Kelduyn Garland, PhD, DD

March 3, 2021
10:30 am – 11:45 am Eastern

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