In 1948 Gerhard Schroth was born in Heidelberg, Germany. Very early in high school, he decided to pursue medicine. He specialized in psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and various other methods, and received an appointment of a research assignment in psychosomatic medicine.

In 1984, he had established his psychoanalytic outpatient practice in Speyer. Five years later, he became director of APV, an institute for medical specialists training in various psychotherapy approaches. For two decades, he served as an advisor at the State Medical Board. 

In 1996 he began his Prenatal and Perinatal education with William Emerson, Karlton Terry, and other prenatal pioneers. Gerhard received Prenatal Bonding (BA) training by Raffai and Hidas in 2003. Since 2009, Gerhard has provided trainings for Prenatal Bonding (BA) in Europe and the United States. For his contributions to the pre- and perinatal field, he received the APPPAH Research Contribution Award in Denver 2019.

How to Shelter a Pregnancy: Meet your Unborn Inside the Womb with Gerhard Schroth, MD

March 22, 2021
10:30 am – 11:15 am Eastern

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