Throughout her life-long journey, Christianna Deichmann has had a passion and talent for uniting science and spiritual wisdom together to better understand the invisible dynamics of life, suffering, and the power of healing through connected relationships. She works to bring the subconscious aspects of our lives to the forefront of consciousness. Her experience and therapy techniques draw from Eastern and Western medicine traditions, wisdom passed down from the Ancients and Shamans. She understands that awareness is the first step to healing, and she is a participant in this revolutionary paradigm shift taking place in our world right now to embrace Consciousness. As a psychosomatic therapist, she has a particular interest in providing holistic treatment to families and children to help them heal from ancestral trauma, birth trauma, and epigenetic diseases. She strives to help families co-create a new story of a world in which they can grow and thrive. She is a registered biodynamic Craniosacral therapist (RCST) and certified Prenatal and Perinatal Educator with APPPAH, and a mother of two children. As an adept initiate of the Modern Mystery School, she applies universal principles of the quantum field to help empower people to accelerate their progression, integrate trauma, and build resiliency and coherency to create their ultimate life.