Interviews with hundreds of children capture the continuum of their conscious awareness before and after birth, giving us intriguing insights into why we are here and what our mission may be in this world.

Film Creators

Akira Ikegawa, MD

Akira Ikegawa is an OB-GYN doctor, author, and lecturer who has an extensive background in the research of the concept of Prenatal Memory. He distributed about 3,600 questionnaires consisting of 85 questions in 2002 and 2003 and continue to interview people with Prenatal Memory. He guides how to communicate with babies in the womb for pregnant mothers at his clinic, and delivers lectures nationally and internationally about the extraordinary stories that he discovered from the research of Prenatal Memory. There are videos with English subtitles are available on the Prenatal Memory YouTube channel.



Norio Ogikubo

Norio Ogikubo is a Filmmaker and the owner of Kumanekodo Co. Ltd. he accompanied the Prenatal Memory Global Project team from Japan to cover the APPPAH’s International Congress. He is an instructor for the Movie Class at the Tokyo International Stanislavsky Academy. He has more than 30 years of experience as a recording, lighting, and photography engineer for theatrical films and documentary programs.