Pregnancy and Civilization: The Power of Pregnant Women Over Our Future is a documentary conceived by the Brazilian Association for Prenatal Education (ANEP Brasil) that aims to disseminate scientific and humanistic knowledge about the utter relevance of prenatal life for each future adult, so that families can choose more consciously how to gestate their children. Speakers from many nations of the world illustrate the relevance of pregnancy for the advent of more fraternal and thriving societies.

By supporting pregnant mothers, we are supporting the womb environment of the next generation who will help to shape our future.

Film Creators

Carla Machado

Carla Machado started her professional life as a System Analyst at IBM, but after the birth of her first child she became a transpersonal psychotherapist and a facilitator of women’s wisdom circles. In 2010 founded the Brazilian Association for Prenatal Education, of which she is the President. She is the Vice President of the World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations. The great power nature gives pregnant women guides her path and fuels her enthusiasm to disseminate and teach the importance of prenatal life, of a pregnant mother’s mind as well as her baby’s. Improving the way children arrive into the world is key to humanity’s luminous future.



Laura Uplinger, BA

Laura Uplinger is a student and educator in the field of conscious conception, pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding. She is a proponent of the powerful influence a mother’s inner life has on the formation of her baby during pregnancy and the breastfeeding months. From 1988 to 1999, she served on APPPAH’s Board of Directors and is currently the vice-president of the Brazilian Association for Prenatal Education and, together with Carla Machado, she coordinates an 18-month training program. She volunteers at a Gestational Center funded by the local City Hall and dedicated essentially to the well-being of pregnant women.


Sarah Uplinger

Sarah Uplinger, Director, is an American Brazilian APPPAH baby, actress and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She is the writer, editor and lead actress of the award-winning short film “Moments.”