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Thank you for supporting APPPAH throughout the year, and especially during Birth Psychology Month’s Film Festival!

Please accept our gift to you of 25% off selected APPPAH Educational Courses through the month of March.


Birth Psychology Month

25% Off Discounts

APPPAH has had a creative and productive year producing new educational content for the Birth Psychology community.

We couldn’t have done it without the help and support of our members and community. We have received fresh and inspired educational content from pioneers in the Birth Psychology field, organizations committed to healthy birth, and individuals who bring new modalities to the field.

To express our gratitude for all of the support we have received this year, APPPAH would like to offer a 25% discount on selected courses created in 2021, along with a 25% discount on APPPAH’s 22nd International  Congress Recording package.

We hope you will take advantage of this special pricing during the month of March to deepen your learning, increase the effectiveness of your work, and support your own healing and growth.

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22nd International Congress Full Recording Package (30 Sessions)

CEUs/CMEs Available

Did you miss APPPAH’s 22nd International Congress?  Now you can own the full recording package at 25% off the original price! Experience all 30 sessions from the comfort of your own home.

3 Keynote Speakers:

Bruce Lipton, PhD

Heather Clarke,


Raylene Phillips,


27 workshops with experts in Birth Psychology from around the world.

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Three-Part Lecture Series by

Jaap Van der Wal, MD

Learn from this legendary embryology teacher.

In the modern view of neuropsychology the embryo does not have much chance to be accepted as a being with a mind or soul.  Like the human body in the modern somatic philosophy — ‘you are not present there in that body’, ‘there is no self or soul living in this body,’ — the body of the embryo has been ghosted.

 Jaap ponders leading questions concerning the embryo: such as, Who or what is realizing itself? What are we actually doing when we are an embryo? How do we exist there and then?

Was $375 NOW $281.25

Five-Part Lecture Series

40 Years of Scientific Discoveries

Dr. Thomas Verny, MD, APPPPAH Founder 

APPPAH’s founder and first president, takes you on a journey through the scientific discoveries regarding prenatal consciousness. Discoveries which are not routinely taught in medical school or traditional education around pregnancy and birth.

Understanding these principles is vitally important to all practitioners who work with pregnant mothers and new babies. This foundational knowledge provides tools to practice the art and science of prenatal and perinatal psychology according to the most recent research in neuroscience, epigenetics, bonding, and other perinatal fields.

For the first time ever, this seminal work is consolidated into an in-depth, five-part series that will take you through four decades of scientific discoveries in the field of birth psychology.

 Special thanks to Dr. Verny for his generous donation of these lectures to APPPAH. All course fees support APPPAH’s work in the world.

Was $375 NOW $281.25

Five-Part Lecture Series by William Emerson, PHD

In this five-part series, you will have the opportunity to learn from one of our preeminent prenatal and perinatal psychology pioneers, Dr. Emerson.  This information is not routinely taught in conventional education around pregnancy and birth.

This knowledge is vitally important to all practitioners who work with pregnant mothers and new babies, and will provide them with tools to practice the art and science of prenatal and perinatal psychology according to the work of Dr. William Emerson.

Dr. Emerson donated these lectures and Q&A session as a fundraiser to APPPAH~ Thank you Dr. Emerson for your time and dedication to APPPAH!

Was $300 NOW $225

A 6-Hour Workshop in Two Sessions

Birth practitioners and healthcare professionals looking to understand the benefits of CranioSacral Therapy for moms and babies and CranioSacral therapists seeking to learn more and integrate Birth Psychology concepts into their practice

This course is designed to provide a clear understanding of how CranioSacral Therapy (CST) integrates the concepts of Birth Psychology and help students recognize how our consciousness, thoughts and emotions affect our physical structure. Plan to explore the concepts and applications of pre and perinatal psychology, the anatomy and physiology of the craniosacral system and its relationship to conception, pregnancy and birth.

Was $97 NOW $72.75

2-Hour Workshop

Based on Dr. Verny’s Book The Embodied Mind

“It is time to move the dial on the scientific clock and seriously dispute the commonly accepted deterministic view of the mind as an epiphenomenon of the brain. Instead, I propose we entertain the concept of the embodied quantum mind, in which the mind is both dependent on and independent of the brain and the rest of the body.” ~ Dr. Thomas Verny

A transformative concept in psychobiology, at once paradigm-shifting and empowering, The Embodied Mind will help us gain more insights into who we are in relationship to ourselves, our loved ones, society and the universe.

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