What is Birth Psychology Month? Why does it matter?

The 2023 Birth Psychology Month Summit:  Compassionate Birth Practices for a Peaceful World features pioneers and leaders from the fields of birth, prenatal and perinatal psychology, epigenetics, neuroscience, consciousness and more.

For the entire month of March, this FREE summit will weave together a tapestry of evidence-based scientific knowledge, personal and professional experiences, and healthy practical practices to demonstrate the power of compassionate birthing experiences that set the stage for a more peaceful world. 

Womb Ecology Becomes World Ecology.

~Thomas Verny, MD

APPPAH's Birth Psychology Month Summit

Bringing awareness to compassionate birth practices that work is the first step to making change. The world needs Birth Psychology Month!

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What You Can Expect in the Birth Psychology Month Summit?

Four Weeks, Four Weekly Themes

Week One: The Positive Power of Peaceful Birth
Week Two: Compassionate Birth Practices: Safe and Nurturing Births for Babies and Their Mothers
Week Three: Compassionate Recovery: When Birth Doesn’t Go as Planned
Week Four: Preparing for a Compassionate Birth: Pregnancy, Bonding, and Birth Plans


Monday's 12 noon Eastern Standard Time

Monday KeyNote Presentations

Every Monday in March, a pioneer from the field of birth psychology will introduce the main topic for the week that underlies Compassionate Birth Practices. View itinerary and topics here..

Wednesday's 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time

Wednesday APPPAH Talks

Every Wednesday, pre-recorded TEDx-type talks called APPPAH Talks will be aired. Presenters include experts in the field of birth psychology, students and graduates of APPPAH’s signature PPNE certification program, and people who share how birth psychology has positively impacted their life.

Friday's 12 noon Eastern Standard Time

HeART of APPPAH Fridays

Every Friday, Catherine Lightfoot, CPM, APPPAH Executive Director, will host a live open-mic space for people to share their art creations inspired by birth psychology. Winners of APPPAH’s 2023 Photo Contest will be announced each week during this time and their photos shared.

 Ways You Can Celebrate Birth Psychology Month

How do Compassionate Birth Practices affect humanity?

When unresolved trauma or less than optimal conditions and experiences occur during conception, pregnancy, birth and the first postnatal year, life diminishing patterns often underlay health issues, stress behaviors, difficulty in self-regulation, attachment, learning, and other disorders over the life-span.

Every message a child receives from the environment and ancestral epigenetics imprints information into their body and psyche. What messages are we sending our unborn babies? Understanding the scope of compassionate birth practices that work and implementing them across cultures can bring hope to humanity and peace for the world.

 The womb is a classroom, and every child attends.

~David Chamberlain

Ways You Can Celebrate Birth Psychology Month

More about APPPAH

APPPAH is a community of birth educators, practitioners, researchers, and people who care about birth psychology. We offer a certificate program for prenatal and perinatal educators (the PPNE Certificate Program), along with educational programs, a peer-reviewed journal, and weekly lectures from global experts in the field of birth psychology.

APPPAH offers education and resources for all levels of interest in prenatal and perinatal psychology.

Birth psychology awareness brings our earliest patterns to light, provides a foundation for health, normalizes difficulty, and teaches skills to help professionals educate families and their profession for optimal prenatal and perinatal outcomes. 

Learn about our signature program:

PPNE Certificate Program

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